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A Commitment to Education

At AAB Service, we strive to provide you with the best auto care possible. How do we do it? Through a commitment to continued education. We ask for all of our technicians to learn about the brand-specific requirements and services that each vehicle manufacturer asks of their technicians, but that’s not all. We also encourage our technicians to return to the classroom and learn about the latest tools and trends to come out of the auto repair industry.

We then utilize their knowledge in the garage. Due to our shop being a European automotive service center, our technicians see a variety of regular and luxury vehicles. We’re confident that our technicians will be able to provide your vehicle with service that you’d only expect at a dealership!

A Perspective for You

Exemplary customer service doesn’t come from just quality auto repair

Honestly, there’s more to it. It also includes the interactions we have with you, and we take an in-depth look at what your visit should be like. It all starts at our front desk, where our service advisor will ask what’s wrong with your vehicle. Feel confident knowing that you’ll have an attentive ear listening to the problems your vehicle may be having! Afterward, our technicians will take a look at your vehicle and provide you with the best services for it. Then, it’s up to you whether or not we should continue with the service. We will not continue until the services and prices are confirmed by you! If they are confirmed, we’ll quickly perform the service, provide you with a detailed breakdown of what we worked on, and give you tips on how you can avoid the problem in the future, all in a language you can understand!

At AAB Service, we’ve underlined the importance of customer satisfaction. We want to make sure we are meeting AND exceeding the standards set by you!

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At the end of the day, your vehicle deserves the best auto care available. There’s not enough time for anything less than quality. So if you’re ready for quality auto repair, visit AAB Service in San Antonio, TX. Our technicians will be able to provide the auto care your car deserves so you can navigate those Texas rodes with confidence. Give us a call at (210) 542-7202 and schedule your next appointment with us! Or visit our shop at 9906 Iota Drive. All walk-ins are welcomed!*

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